Following the great war that devastated the continent eighty years ago, the three kingdoms came together to create a treaty that would end the conflict and prevent it in the future. The result of this treaty was the Guild. Based on ceded Mod Kulden territory of Tarnet Arula, the Guild is the sole controller of Mount Arula's Soulforge. This base of operations is known as the Ringward. The Guild has control of all Fallen from across the kingdoms aside from a select few retained by the monarchs. These Fallen are utilized alongside their noble Peacekeeper controllers to keep the peace across the kingdoms.

The Treaty Edit

The treaty largely set the current borders of the kingdoms and created the Guild of Peacekeepers. It also enforced repatriation of fleeing slaves across the kingdoms and established rules on the distribution of Fallen between the kingdoms. This treaty is retained by the Guild of Peacekeepers and it is the official basis of their power. It has brought about an era of relative peace, if not complete tranquility, across the kingdoms.

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