The waystones are meteor cores which allow for miraculous, near-instantaneous transportation between them. They require certain ritual knowledge and the consent of the caretaker at the receiving stone in order to operate successfully. Each one is a pitted, dark grey-black stone no larger than a cannonball but far denser and heavier.

There are six waystones, each one corresponding with one of the great craters visible in the topography of the Ochellus continent. The Guild of Peacekeepers owns one of the six stones, located in the Ringward chapel and presently in the custody of the chapel's caretaker, Ignascij Kovac Miran, a Travian priest. Three of the other five are located in the capitals of the Three Kingdoms, while one more is located in the Gralan port city of Brodolom and the last is held by the Free City of Cape Ending.

Travelling between the waystones involves passing through a surreal world known in some religious circles as the 'Field of Oracles.' Few have traversed this otherworldly place and fewer still have spoken about what they have witnessed there.

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