"Flying, venomous lizards now? Are you shitting me?" --Fiske fra Fredrick, Monster Slayer, Year 383

Wyverns are large, territorial, flying lizards of their own formidable power. They are often mistaken for Dragons by lesser-informed individuals, despite the fact that Dragons are considerably more massive, and that Wyverns do not spit fire.

Wyverns are ferocious beasts, and will typically attack from the air, using either their sharp talons or their wing buffets to knock their prey down. After a Wyvern lands, it will move in close to snap with its tooth-filled beak, but this is just a distraction tactic to draw attention away from its greatest weapon: the stinger at the end of its long tail. A single strike from a Wyvern’s stinger will inject a painful, debilitating venom into its prey, and only a hasty application of an antivenom has any hope of saving unfortunate adventurers so stung. Horrifyingly enough, Wyverns have even been known to spit this venom from a distance.

There exists a species of Wyvern known as the Royal Wyvern, which, as its namesake might imply, is a creature even more deadly than a typical Wyvern. Unfortunately, I have not yet had opportunity to slay one, so my notes are limited.

The best way to combat a Wyvern is to simply not face one at all; but if one must, they should move fast, strike hard, keep distance, and avoid the stinger at all costs. Gods help you if you stumble upon a mated pair.

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